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Paediatric Palliative Care Conference Australia 2022
Australian Paediatric Palliative Care Conference

Care in the right setting– Demonstrating Collaboration in Paediatric Palliative Care

Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation


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Abstract Description

Institution: PPCS -QCH - Queensland , Australia

Collaboration and partnership results in integration and co-ordination allowing families to navigate the best possible care pathways for their children with life limiting illness – up to and beyond the time of death across the vast state of Queensland. 

The presentation aims to highlight the partnership with families and with local services leading to the provision of the right care, at the right time and in the right place. Sharing knowledge and experiences gained from a focussed Paediatric Palliative care model of care for families  in rural and remote settings in Queensland.

Exploration of 2 Case study presentations 

Baby B, diagnosed with Congenital cardiac defect, lived in a remote indigenous community. The community was a 9 hour drive from the nearest regional centre.  The Cardiac care team and local Health Centre provided support to the family.  At the time end of life care was required, there was a need to liaise with the after hours  Paediatric Palliative telephone support and the Royal Flying Doctors Service.  

Young girl who at 9 months of age as the result of an Out of Hospital arrest sustained a severe hypoxic brain injury. Exploring her return to her local community 3 hours drive from her nearest regional centre, linkage and support for local services to support her care at home.

These case studies demonstrate collaboration and support, utilising Telehealth, the Pop up education, QUoccA, after hours phone service and other modes of support  to enhance and  build the capacity of the local services and clinicians to respond to the specialist needs of children with life-limiting conditions and at end of life. 




Shona Fitzpatrick - Queensland Children's Hospital