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Paediatric Palliative Care Conference Australia 2022
Australian Paediatric Palliative Care Conference
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Clare Bowditch

Keynote Presenter


Professional Bio

Clare Bowditch is a world-renowned musician, speaker, entrepreneur, and best-selling author.
Her first book, a partial memoir entitled Your Own Kind Of Girl, is a testimony to the long-tail of childhood grief, and how our experiences of palliative care can play out over a lifetime. Her words bring powerful recognition to the little-discussed reality of sibling grief, and offer insight into the struggle of not having the language or cognition to deal with acute loss at a young age. 
Clare is a master storyteller who draws you in with her attention to detail, hilarious humour, and ruthless honesty.
We look forward to welcoming Clare as our keynote speaker and sharing in her lived experience with paediatric palliative care, her journey of grief and the power of healing.